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Creative Workshops

     My Creative Workshops are designed for groups of 8 - 25 people who want to participate in a fun learning experience.

     Each of my workshops is designed to be informative and hands-on. They are 2 hours long and incorporate discussion, journaling, sharing, and a few gentle chair yoga movements. I provide handouts for each workshop


     I can travel to your location in the following counties:

Pueblo, Fremont, Custer, El Paso.

     Contact me for special for non-profit fund-raisers or for groups of more than 25 people.

            Scroll down to see all my Creative Workshops.

Goddesses in Folklore and Mythology

     Goddesses have ALWAYS been part of our collective history. Often associated with fertility, wisdom, women’s bodies, compassion, power, intuition and creativity.

     Every culture has goddesses who stand on their own, independent and vibrant, from Egypt to the Americas, Greece to Ireland, India to the South Pacific, Rome to China and more.

     We'll explore goddesses who are light and dark, playful and serious, caring and transformative.

     Goddess culture has been squelched, erased, deemed as evil and taboo in times past. But SHE is rising again, in her full glory!

     We'll find our own connections to Goddess and work with Goddess cards and their messages.

Introduction to the Chakras

     The word CHAKRA means “Spinning Wheel” or “Circle of Life” in Sanskrit. These spinning wheels or circles of energy vibrations are connected by a glowing golden thread.

     When each chakra is open and healthy, this vortex of energy spirals up, infusing our organs, nerves, and cells with vitality.

     There are seven major chakras, or energy centers inside our bodies/ along our spines, are each associated with various sounds, symbols, colors, scents, affirmation, yoga poses, and more.

     Our chakras influence our health on many levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Imbalances develop over time through situations, injury, illness, trauma, experiences and reactions.

     Learning about the chakra system begins a healing journey on the deepest levels, to connect our body-mind-soul connection.

The Magic of Writing

     This workshop is a non-critique writing class for women. Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, essays, novels, letters, journaling, blogs, or anything that gladdens your heart, this workshop is for you.

     We'll begin the workshop with a short writing prompt to get our juices flowing. Then take turns sharing our writing; it's up to you. We'll discuss forms and genres of writing, Morning Pages, setting up your writing space for success, writing utensils, and writing resources.

     Using imaginative and mystical photo prompts, we'll write and share again.

     At the end of the workshop you'll have kindled or rekindled your enthusiasm for writing, knowing that you ARE a writer!

     Bring your musings and let's make some writing magic together!

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